Jan 15, 2010

Development of Microbiology

Microoganisms wera first seen since 1675 by the Dutchmen anthony van Leeu-wen hock, his microscope magnified 200X & he Saw bodies of bout 1u
He found many m.0. in water, saliva & intestinal contents He saw bacteria as well as the larger m.o.
He founs the bacteria size as 1/6 of the RBCs size
He also recognized the bacterial shapes as:- Bacilli (rods) , Cocci (sphere) & Spirochetes (spiral filaments)
He also discovered the nutrient media for bacterial growth (Bacterial culture)
The mechanism of bacrerial reproduction by Asexual Fusion was discovered by De-Saussere, 1760
Robert Koch, in 1877 described a method for preparation & Examination of bacteria
This was by preparation of dried & fixed film staned with Aniline dyes in 1881, he found a simple method for isolating pure culture of bacteria on a solid media.

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  1. Microbioloy encompasses both prokayotic and eukaryotic but the majotity microbes are prokayotices. Prokartic is a group of organism that do not have membrane bound nuclues that do not passes a nuclear membrane or nuclear envelop. You can also know hwo docter use microbiology in health sector